Twitter and Facebook: Our New Form of Newspaper

In the past, people rely on the newspaper delivered every morning to have their daily dose of news. As technology advanced, more and more people get their news delivered by social media such as Facebook and Twitters.

I decided to follow CNN and Fox News on both Facebook and Twitter for a week to observe how social media affects the quality of news delivered.

Instead of displaying every story’s title and content for people to screen through, Facebook and Twitter provide a brief summary of the stories, followed by links to more detailed info.

Twitter, due to its briefness, can deliver the latest update rapidly.

For instance, on March 28, Obama addressed the situation in Libya. CNN and Fox News each had twenty-two and fifteen tweets on Mar 28, whereas their Facebook pages only had three and two updates.

However, I prefer Facebook’s layout over Twitter’s. Not only it provides a clear title and more detailed summary of the story, the photo captures the readers’ attention and motivate them to click for more information.

Before using Twitter and Facebook to access news, I always searched the news on Google or visit the New York Times website.

Though the websites provide more detailed information, they simply don’t supply the same level of convenience.

I notice how Fox News attempted to spice up its Facebook page with entertaining news such as (e.g. “Just for Fun: Susan Lucci shows Brian Kilmeade how to perform the perfect on-screen kiss” on Fox News Facebook), which I think is a waste of space.

If I can change the company, I would make this well-respected News organization more particular in their choice of news on social media, and focused only the most prominent stories, such as Japan nuclear crisis and Libyan war.

I believe Twitter is a  great tool for readers and journalists who demands the latest and fastest news updates, who are not afraid of information overload. Facebook, on the other hand, is for leisure readers who cares more about the new’s quality than the speed.


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