Three Inspiring Website Designs

I’ve decided to create a personal portfolio site to showcase all my works, along with my arts, illustrations, advertisement designs and multimedia projects.


I really enjoy clicking through the website of Chris Woods. I love the fluidity and the minimalism. They show the photos as they are, and do not provide any text explaining the stories behind. The homepage is only made up of twelve zoomed-in black and white photographs, and when you hover your mouse over the photo, it darkens and zoomed out. Another fascinating part about the website is how you navigate through it: instead of going back to a side bar, you click on the edge of the website to navigate around it. I’d like to achieve similar simplicity in my portfolio site.


Another website I admire is It is a website for web design company. Compared to Chris Wood’s site, Corvusart has a more standardized layout. In the homepage, the company has a bar with all the links on the top, a slideshow, some sample works and a design quote form at the bottom of the page. I like how they stylizes the standard layout with beautiful visuals in the background in earthy tones. I think I’d adopt similar color tones and layout in my portfolio site.


The is one of the most intriguing website I’ve ever seen. The interactivity and the animations are dazzling. It’s a piece of art on its own. However, the layout is too confusing for a portfolio site, I had trouble finding the menu button with all that distracting graphics and interactions. Therefore, in my website, I would make sure that it is user-friendly and the backgrounds are distracting.


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